When Is the Best Time to Pressure Wash a Home?

Are you planning to pressure wash your property but aren’t sure when the best time to do it is? Understanding when to pressure wash houses is important, as there are some times that are far more optimal than others. If you want to know when to pressure wash houses, here’s a look at some of the most important factors you should keep in mind.

Which Season Is the Ideal Time When to Pressure Wash a House?

Knowing when to pressure wash a house is relatively straightforward if you know when you shouldn’t do it. Of all the seasons, winter is without question the least ideal time of year to pressure wash a property. Because water expands when it freezes, it can potentially break through the material of your home and cause damage. In addition, the chemicals used during pressure washing are not nearly as effective in colder weather, and the parts of the washer itself may freeze and break. As a result, you should never have your home washed in the winter unless you live in a tropical or warm climate that doesn’t experience freezing temperatures.

If winter is the worst season, then when is the best time to pressure wash your house during the year? While pressure washing is possible whenever the temperature is above freezing, the best seasons to schedule an appointment are spring and fall.

Pressure Washing in the Spring

Spring temperatures are much less extreme than winter and summer, meaning that the water from pressure washing won’t freeze easily or evaporate from the sun too quickly. In addition, it provides homeowners with the opportunity to clean off any of the winter dirt before it becomes harder to remove in the future. Plus, any mold that has grown during the winter can be eliminated before it has a chance to develop and cause more damage.

Pressure Washing in the Fall

Much like springtime, the temperatures during fall are also milder and well-suited for pressure washing. Also, anything left on your home’s hard surfaces during the summer, like tree sap, can be taken care of before winter comes. Additionally, because dust and pollen accumulation is common during the fall season, pressure washing will clean it away before the winter snow has a chance to settle on top of it.

When Is the Best Time to Pressure Wash Your House During the Day?

Unlike the seasons, when to pressure wash houses during the day isn’t nearly as complicated. However, there are still some factors that you ought to keep in mind. For example, it’s best to pressure wash a home during the day so that every spot that needs to be cleaned is easily seen. When it’s dark out, it can become harder to see areas that need cleaning — this is also why it’s best not to pressure wash when there’s cloud cover, as it will be darker out.

Additionally, you shouldn’t wash a home when there’s cloud cover to begin with, as any rain and snow can interfere with the pressure washing process. Homeowners especially shouldn’t have their properties washed during dangerous conditions, like thunderstorms, so always check the weather report before scheduling a pressure washing service.

Furthermore, you should also keep the time of day in mind. The hotter it is during the day, the faster the water will evaporate. This means that while you could potentially pressure wash in the afternoon, it might be better to have it done in the morning or closer to the evening during the summertime when the temperature is cooler.

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