Every inch of your property is important. But your building’s roof takes the cake. It sets the stage for a professional, long-lasting brick-and-mortar location. Grime Stoppers offers roof cleaning services that will protect the curb appeal and quality of your roof so you can get the best success out of your business.

Grime Stoppers offers commercial roof cleaning in & around Owensboro, KY, to help your business create a professional look

Caring for a Roof That Will Last

Our team is committed to using soft washing to meet the needs of your roof. It’s the obvious choice for a business who cares about spotless results, a safe process, and enduring quality.

With our soft washing services, we deliver:

Safe Service:

For being exposed to the elements constantly, shingles are surprisingly fragile. Conventional power washing can destroy them – but not soft washing. Our process removes buildup without ever harming your roof in the process.


Does your roof have black streaks? Stains and splotches? After our service, the only thing your shingles will be is clean. We have the power to remove buildup and stains to recover your spotless surface beneath.

Our Roof Cleaning Solution

Grime Stoppers starts every service with an inspection. This allows us to pinpoint problem areas and determine the best plan of action for your roofing.

Next, we integrate rigorous safety standards to soft wash your roofing. This process gets rid of dirt, mold, pollen, mildew, and other stains and debris.

After we’ve completely cleaned your roof, our team conducts a final inspection to ensure that every shingle meets our standards. Only when we’re satisfied that we’ve delivered the best result possible do we deem the job complete.

How A Clean Roof Benefits Business

With a Grime Stoppers roof cleaning service, you can expect quality that lasts and lasts. Our services deliver far-reaching benefits such as:

A decade more out of your roof: Roofs that are regularly cleaned by professionals can maintain their quality for ten years more than those who do not.

Lasting Curb Appeal: A clean roof will set the stage for your entire business. It will also continue to do so into the future, delivering a great first impression for endless amounts of customers.

Your roof should be an ally to your business. Get results that really make a difference, so you can enjoy a commercial property that projects the best in quality. Grime Stoppers will get you started with a free quote!