Introduce your residential property to the capability of clean concrete! From unbeatable curb appeal to improved safety and environmental health, Grime Stoppers supplies a spectrum of benefits with our concrete cleaning services.

Cleaning Concrete with Pressure Washing

Think about how often you use your driveway, sidewalks, and walkways.

They’re some of the most-used elements of your property. To ensure that they function for as long as possible and elevate the appearance of your home, we use power washing to:

Remove stains, buildup, and imperfections

Oil leaks, vehicle fluid, and chewing gum just don’t belong on your property. We make sure they disappear for good.

Eliminate safety and health hazards

Our approach removes debris that contribute to slips, falls, and other accidents. We also safely contain and remove buildup that could be contaminating your property’s runoff.

Create curb appeal

Clean concrete instantly makes a property look brighter, tidier, and spruced up. You’ll notice a difference… And so will your neighbors!

Our Pressure Washing Service?

We’re called Grime Stoppers for a reason. When you choose our team to tackle your concrete, you’re getting the best cleaning products, the most advanced equipment, and the region’s top technicians.

Pressure Washing in Owensboro KY
Pressure washing services Owensboro KY

The Power of Concrete Cleaning Service

Using power washing, we pledge to remove anything that is bringing your property down. The outcome — you’ve got a functional and clean space to head home to.

Make your driveway a beacon of clean, and treat yourself to a welcoming walkway.

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