House Washing with a Soft Wash Method

Our team believes in the power of lasting quality. That’s why we only use a method called soft washing to clean your home.

Our pressure washing equipment emits water at a low pressure, which, paired with detergents, completely restores your exterior. It’s the only way to safely clean your house and get flawless results.

When we couple low-pressure technology with special cleaners, the Grime Stoppers team can remove everything – dirt, mold, and more – from your home’s exterior.

What can we Soft Wash?

In a word – everything! Our house washing service is safe on any type of exterior surface, including:






Your home is undoubtedly your pride and joy and we know that you want it to look its best at all times. But with exposure to the weather and other factors, it is easy for your home to begin to look dirty and less than well maintained. However, our professional House Washing in Owensboro KY service will improve the appearance of your home and instantly restore that lost curb appeal, making your home stand out from the crowd - for a good reason!

The Grime Stoppers Promise

Our team is steadfast in our commitment to great results. We achieve this by delivering:

A Spotless Exterior:

Mold, mildew, dirt, algae, bird droppings, and other buildup is inevitable on any home. But we remove all of it!

Long-Term Quality:

A beautiful first impression is great – and a beautiful first impression that lasts is even better. We deliver the latter result.

Good Health:

Mold and other spore-borne growth aren’t just ugly, but can also compromise the health of the people who call your property home. By removing them, we ensure that everyone in your family can breathe easy.

Every customer of Grime Stoppers can always expect the best results – today and everyday. Experience a whole new home with our soft washing service!

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